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Sri Shiva Lila

Sri Shiva Lila

2002:  Size 16cm x 23cm
Hardcover 250 pages

8 Beautiful Color Illustrations
by Harish Johari & Peter
Pieter Weltevrede

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Shiva: Stories and Teachings from the Shiva Mahapurana
which is widely distributed throughout the world by Inner Traditions Books

Sri Shiva Lila

"Merely by listening to the story of Shiva, a person secures that merit which results
from the performance of a Rajasuya sacrifice and a hundred Agnistomas."
"In the age of Kali, there is no greater virtue conducive to the achievement of liberation,
than listening to the Shivapurana." Shiva Mahapurana

The Shiva Mahapurana is said to come from the mouth of Lord Shiva Himself.
It is an encyclopedia of various branches of knowledge and ancient esoteric wisdom,
handed down through the ages by the grace of the sages and rishis of this holy land.
It is arranged in seven samhitas and written in the Sanskrit language.

The rarest pearls are hidden in the depths of the ocean
and the most precious gems are embedded in the rocks.

 One has to depend on someone to delve deep into the heart of the ocean
or chip off the encasing rocks to expose these treasures to our eyes.

Modern man has neither the time nor the knowledge of this ancient language
to go through the voluminous book, however, wonderful it may be.

Vanamali has condensed and picked out the most perfect pearls of this ancient wisdom
and given it to us in a form which is easy to read and simple to understand.

Sri Shiva Lila


"He looked at me,
The conqueror of Love!
He turned His glance on this frail body,
He imbued these hands with strength and courage
To write about His divine glories!
O Thou Ocean of compassion!
Lover of the lowly and despised!
Shiva! Saviour of the world!
A million prostrations do I make To Thee!
The blue-necked Lord of Parvati"

List of Illustrations
Introduction PART-I

I.  The Great God
II.  The Creation
III. Sandhya
IV. Durga
V.  Sati
VI. Sati and Shiva
VII. Daksha Yaga
VIII. The Wrath of Shiva
IX. Parvati
X.  The Defeat of Kama
XI. Parvati's Penance
XII. The Cosmic Wedding
XIII. The Cosmic Couple
XIV. Karthikeya
XV.  Ganesha
XVI. The Three Demonic Cities
XVII. Jalandara
XVIII. The Churning of the Ocean
XIX.  The Advent of the Ganga
XX. The Demon, Bhasmaka
XXI. Story of Markandeya
XXII. The Manifestations of Shiva
XXIII. Shiva - The Beloved
XXIV. The Jyotirlingas

XXV. Devotees of Shiva
XXVI. The Great Four
XXVII. The Violent Votaries
XXVIII. Women Devotees

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Method of Worshipping Lord Shiva
Glossary of Mantras
Glossary of Classical Characters
Vedic Invocation for World Peace
Glossary of Names of Shiva

Shiva: Stories and Teachings from the Shiva Mahapurana
U.S. & International Edition of Sri Shiva Lila

Internationaly: Please Purchase US Edition
Shiva: Stories and Teachings from the Shiva Mahapurana
which is widely distributed throughout the world by Inner Traditions Books

Sons of Shiva

Lilas of the Sons of Shiva
Legends of  Lords Ganesh, Subramainam, and Ayyappan

In this book, Vanamall has given us a
fascinating glimpse into the Illas of the three
sons of Shiva. This is a captivating book for
all those who are interested in knowing the
esoteric secrets of Hindu gods.
Shiva and his sons are all aspects of the
great electromagnetic forces that control
life. Shiva is the source of all energies. He is
the nuclear energy underlying the
subatomic particles. At the very core of
matter Shiva whirls in his cosmic dance as
Nataraj'a. Ganesha is the god of gravity
which is the base of all ordinary existence.
Kartikeya is the power of the electro-
magnetic field. His spear signifies the
elemental forces of thunder and lightning.
Ayyappa is the force of love as the supreme
power which is capable of uniting

Ganesha symbolises the idea of the
emergence of life from earth and the
unfolding of consciousness from matter.
His dual form of animal and human
indicates a sublime theme, which points
out to us that we too can aspire to a
supramental level even though we have
evolved from the animal. The stories of
Ganesha, Kartikeya and Shasta are all part
of Puranic literature and they cater to the
multifaceted intellect of the human being
who craves for different expressions of the

ISBN: 978-81-7305-342-9
Hardcover      299 pages

Lilas of the Sons of Shiva

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Foreword                                     I
Introduction                                 I     X7
Introduction                                 II    xxvii
L.GANESHA                                       1
Chapter One    Sumukha                      3
Chapter Two    Ekadanta                     8
Chapter Three  Kapfla                         14
Chapter Four   Gajakarna                   21
Chapter Five    Lambodara                  28
Chapter Six      Vikata                         38
Chapter Seven   Vighnaraja                 45
Chapter Eight    Vinayaka                    55
Chapter Nine     Dhumraketu               62
Chapter Ten      Ganadyaksha              67
Chapter Eleven    Phalachandra           71
Chapter Twelve    Gajanana                 75
Chapter Thirteen    Vakratunda            81
Chapter Fourteen    Shurpakama          90

2. KARTIICEYA                                   97
Chapter One    Skanda                          99
Chapter Two    Shanmukha                  106
Chapter Three    Subramanya               112
Chapter Four    Parvati Nandana          117
Chapter Five    Kumara                        123
Chapter Six    Guha                             128
Chapter Seven   Mahasena                   137
Chapter Eight    Devascnapati              142
Chapter Nine    Umasuta                      151
Chapter Ten    Gangeya                       160
Chapter Eleven    Veleyudha                164
Chapter Twelve    Swaminathan           173

3. DHARMA SHASTA                        183
Chapter One    Hari Hara Putra          185
Chapter Two    Bhootanatha               189
Chapter Three    Vishwamohana         195
Chapter Four     Ayyan                       201
Chapter Five    Manikandan               205
Chapter Six    Mahisi-Mardaka           211
Chapter Seven    Taraka Brahman      220
Chapter Fight    Ayyappan                  227
Chapter Nine     Ayyanar                    238
Chapter Ten    Sabareesha                  248
Chapter Eleven    Srikanta                  253
Chapter Twelve    Saranagati              261
Chapter Thirteen    Dharmaatina        269

In Praise of the Sons                          277
Glossery of Sanskrit Terms                 281
Glossery of Names of Ganesha            292
Ganesha Mantras in Chapter Order     293
Glossery of Names of Kartikeya           294
Kartikeya Mantras in Chapter Order    295
Glossery of Names of Dhamla Shasta   296
Ayyappa Mantras in Chapter Order      297
Bibliography                                        299




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