Hanuman: The Devotion and Power of the Monkey God
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Sri Hanuman Lila

Sri Hanuman Lila (Hardcover)
(with 9 Glorious Original Illustrations by Sahadevan)

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Anjaneyaaya vidmahe

Vayu putraaya deemahi
Tanno Hanumath prochodayaath

I contemplate Anjaneya
I meditate on the son of Vayu
May he give me enlightenment

Sri Hanuman Lila is the first book in English
which portrays the character of the Monkey God
 and his exploits from birth to the present age...

Editorial Reviews

“With spellbinding luminosity, master storyteller Vanamali propels the reader into transcendental realms of inspiring valor and sublime devotion. With illuminating authenticity, Vanamali, again and again, showers us with the ambrosia of Sri Hanuman’s devotion to Lord Rama.”  (Arvind Bruce Burger, author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness )

“Vanamali Devi has done a beautiful and inspiring job of making Hanuman a palpable life, worthy of love, devotion, and respect.” (Nayaswami Kriyananda, author and swami of the Giri (Mountain) branch of the ancient Swami Order )

“Vanamali’s work is Universal and helpful for people in all walks of life.”  (Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj )

An interpretive look at the stories of Hanuman, one of the most beloved gods of the Hindu pantheon

• Contains 36 of the most important Hanuman stories with commentary on spiritual lessons, yogic practices, and Vedic astrology

• Reveals how Hanuman symbolizes the human mind and the highest potential it can achieve

• Explains how Hanuman has the ability to bestow strength and devotion

Best known for his role in the Ramayana, Hanuman’s playful nature, amazing physical powers, and selfless devotion to Lord Rama have made him one of the most beloved gods in the Hindu pantheon. As a monkey, he symbolizes the ever-restless human mind. He teaches us that, though everyone is born an animal, anyone can attain the heights of spiritual evolution through perseverance and ardent discipline. Having perfected his mind through bhakti (selfless devotion) to obtain his powers, Hanuman embodies the highest potential we can achieve.

In this book, Vanamali recounts 36 legendary Hanuman stories--from his birth to his adventures in the Ramayana--and reveals the spiritual lessons, yogic practices, and Vedic astrology aspects they contain. Vanamali shows how Hanuman has the ability to bestow selfless devotion and strength to his devotees and that following his example is the surest path to attracting the blessing of Rama.

Forward by Sri Krishna Das
1. Mahavira (Historic Hanuman)
2. Anjaneya (Son of Anjana)
3. Kesari Putra (Son of Kesari)
4. Vayu Putra (The Son of Vayu)
5. Maruti (Flight of the Sun)
6. Kesari-Nandana (Hanuman's Education)
7. Jitendriya (Conqueror of the Senses)
8. Sugriva Mitram (Friend of Sugriva)
9. Ramadasa (Famous Encounter)
10. Pranadeva (Killing of Vaali)
11. Ramaduta (Messenger of Rama)
12. Sundara (Sundara Kanda)
13. Pavana Putra (Search for Sita)
14. Sankata Mochana (Dispeller of Sorrow)
15. Bajarangabali (The Burning of Lanka)
16. Shoora ( The Faithful Servant)
17. Mahatman (Ravana's Council of War)
18. Bhaktavatsala (Rama Gives Sanctuary)
19. Mahatejasvin ( The Seige of Lanka)
20. Vatamaj (War Continues)
21. Daityakulantaka (Kumbahakarna)
22. Lakshmana Pranadata (Saviour of Lakshmana)
23. Kapindra (End of Indrajit)
24. Mahabala (Journey to Patala)
25. Rudrasya-soonu (Fight to the Finish)
26. Virupa (End of Ravana)
27. Uttaman ( Trial by Fire)
28. Sahasravadana (Return to Ayodhya)
29. Shubangana (Dharma Triumphs)
30. Verra (Sita Abandoned)
31. Ramapriyan (The Ramayana)
32. Lokabandhu (The Ashwamedha Yoga)
33. Tapaswin (Dwapara Yuga)
34. Bhima (Mahabharata)
35. Shubham (Kali Yuga)
36. Mangala Murti (The Auspicious Form)

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Names of Hanuman
Names of Other Characters

Light of Consciousness
  Light of Consciousness, Autumn 2010


June 2010

by Mataji Devi Vanamali
Illustration by Will Hobbs

Long time Buffet readers, with good memories, may recall my affection for the Hindu deity Hanuman. Back in 2006, when The Magical Buffet was still in its monthly e-zine format, I wrote an article about him. Hanuman features greatly in the Hindu epic “Ramayana” where he plays a major role in helping reunite Rama with his wife Sita, who had been kidnapped by the villain Ravana.

A defining moment for Hanuman, in my opinion, is when confronted by people who question Hanuman’s motives for his selfless devotion to Rama, Hanuman tears open his chest to reveal Rama and Sita enshrined within. Back in 2006 I said, “When I think of Hanuman I ask myself one question, one that I pose to you now. If I tore open my chest, to show the world what was enshrined there, what would everyone see? It’s that question, and more importantly, the answer to that question, that illustrates Hanuman’s importance.” In the past four years I’ve never stopped asking myself that question. (It’s very similar to Lama Willa Miller asking you to consider who you serve in the second week of her book “Everyday Dharma”.)
With that in mind, you’ll understand why I was super excited to get a copy of the book “Hanuman: The Devotion and Power of the Monkey God” by Mataji Devi Vanamali from Inner Traditions. Hinduism is greatly influenced by what regions and countries it’s found in. Also, with texts like the “Ramayana”, there are an infinite number of versions of the tale. As far as I’m aware, there is no bad mojo attached to retelling the “Ramayana”, and in fact, those who do so are blessed. I think encouraging others to read it, also blesses you. So pick up a copy, it’s a great read. I’d recommend this version, it’s very cinematic.

I would also encourage you to pick up a copy of “Hanuman”. Vanamali does all the heavy lifting for you, by meticulously chronicling all the stories of the Monkey God in all their delightful variants. Being a Hanuman fan myself, who enjoyed reading the “Ramayana”, I thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve been calling “the Hanuman-centric” retelling of the “Ramayana” that occurs in the book. For me, this book is like a wonderfully detailed refresher course that also has some new insights on all things Hanuman. However, I think it would also work well for someone who has always wondered about the Hindu monkey deity, but hasn’t wanted to go through assorted religious texts to learn more.

Sri Hanuman Lila Launched
Kuala Lumpur

April 20, 2010









Prof Thomas & Smt Mallika

Prof. K.V. Thomas, Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture, Food, Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution
 releases Sri Hanuman Lila to Smt Mallika and Sri Narayanji

Sri Hanuman Lila Released
Sri Ramayana Vidya Peeth, New Delhi,
 24 March 2010
Sri Rama Navami

Original Illustrations by Sahadevan









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